Case study - A new way to build your reputation on the Web3


Metakafe is a new way to build reputation and endorsement on the world wide web, based on blockchain technology, Metakafe is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), that the main goal is create a unique decentralized reputation that can be used across different platforms, to build a score, and empowering creative workers.

Unlike Web2, where all your data is centralized in one organization, Metakafe provides you control your reputation, based on NFT wallets, and switch between Web3 platforms. That gives you total control on your own score, being able to create a strong community of creative workers.

I was invited to build the digital visual system, a scalable NFT endorsement design, and create a Digital-first Brand for Metakafe.

What I did

  • Brand Design
  • UI design prototype
  • Visual design

3 big steps

  1. Creating a digital-first Brand
  2. Translate the brand into visual digital system
  3. Creating NFT visual system

01 Creating a digital-first Brand

A simple brand for the digital environment

The first step in the process was to understand the visual standards that surround the Web3 universe. I want to follow that standard, but at the same time the brand has to be unique with a powerful and strong design.

A desk research and a benchmarking was required to understand such standards. A flashy design with gradients and powerful colors is almost a must in the Web3 design universe, and to create a digital coercive identification those cliches would be a good start point to the project.

We came up with a simple symbol, the letter “m” monogram, strong and powerful colors, to make a good contrast, and glows and highlights to create a brand environment identification.

02 Translate the brand into visual digital system

The big challenge in the project was to translate the brand guidelines into a consistent and cohesive visual system. The website and other platforms have to follow the brand design, creating consistency among the brand and the digital product.

03 Creating a NFT visual system

When the user creates an endorsement, a NFT is created and the user can share in their account. The NFTs had a visual system, because depending on the endorsement type, the NFT could have different backgrounds. So I design different NFTs for different situations.

Product Lead: Miha Sukič
Business Developer: Niko Klansek
Developer: Jan
Designer: Pedro Mello



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